Hot Spots

“Dreams are necessary to life.”
Anais Nin

Not only are we writers a bookish crowd, we’re also nookish. By that, I mean that many of us are constantly looking for some cozy, inspiring spot where the muse will visit us happily and often. While for some of us that spot is our desk, for many of us — myself included — sitting desk bound day after day can seem confining.

Little wonder, then, that so many of us end up in coffee shops or small cafes or libraries. Somehow, these public spaces seem to give our writing, a solitary pursuit by nature, a dose of communal energy.

Endlessly creative, writers find any number of offbeat places in which to ply their trade. Recently, I came across an article in which a handful of playwrights shared some of the spots in Manhattan where they’ve found time and space to create.

The range was amazing: Several writers found that riding the subway loosened up their muse. As one writer observed, “I get a lot done in a very short amount of time. I would say I get more creative input on the train than I do sitting at my desk. There’s a sense of urgency. The idea is rushing past and I have to grab hold of it. There’s something about getting those ideas down in that space that’s freeing.”

Another writer opted for the plush seats in a deserted bar lounge in a major midtown hotel, others found parks by the water sparked their creativity, and one intrepid soul discovered small empty waiting rooms in a hospital where she could sit quietly and work. And when a playwright whose characters traveled a lot found herself stuck, she went to LaGuardia Airport and just listened and watched and wrote.

When I’ve hit a thorny patch in my novel, I’ve found that changing my locale helps free my mind up.Even if you’re not about to hop on the subway, the inventiveness displayed by these writers may inspire your own search for space to create in. While I’ve never written in a hotel bar, I’ve written in parks, libraries, trains, planes, and buses. When I was in college, I found an attic room filled with students’ luggage that was quiet and empty and wrote many of my papers there. Creativity is at home anywhere and everywhere. Are there any cozy or offbeat nooks that you enjoy? I’d love to hear about them. Write on!


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I am a writer and this is a motivational blog designed to help both writers and aspiring writers to push to the next level. Key themes are peak performance, passion, overcoming writing roadblocks, juicing up your creativity, and the joys of writing.
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