Bookstore Boosters

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”
Charles W. Eliot

“The other day, two young girls came in with their parents and paid for their books using their very own money–mostly in quarters, dimes, and nickels. I asked the parents if they often bought books using their hard-earned money. The mother responded yes, and that for her youngest daughter, it was her first purchase using her own money… EVER! And it made me reflect: How great is it that we still live in a world where kids’ first-ever purchases are a book?! 
P.S.–I gave them a ‘first-ever-purchase’ discount.”
Literati Bookstore — Ann Arbor, Michigan

As a huge lover of books and bookstores — and the proud penner of a children’s novel — I was entranced by kids bringing in their nickels and dimes to buy books! And I was even more heartened when I chanced upon a story in Business Insider India — we’re going global here! — called “Four Reasons Why Bookstores Continue to Rule Our Hearts” by Pouloma Das.* Since I share the addictive joys of searching out and sniffing books with the author, I’m happily passing on some direct quotes from this inspiring article:

“Books are a constant companion. They’ll be by your side on days you’re feeling sad, happy or a mixture of feelings you yourself are unable to comprehend. That’s not all, they’ll also hold your hand and take you to places you’ve never visited and introduce you to characters you think you’ve known your entire life. They’ll give you happiness and then some more.”

1. “When you go to a bookstore, you discover books: When you order them online, you just find them. You don’t plan what books you’re going to buy when you head out to a bookstore. It’s only after careful sifting through the array of books that you decide on your loot. And, one of the ways how you end up discovering authors that later end up being your favourite. While ordering books online however, it’s not quite the same, is it?”

2. “The smell of books: Anyone who’s grown up visiting bookstores every weekend will tell you the highlight of those trips were the exercise of smelling the books on display. It’s hard to describe in words, but the musty smell stays with you forever.”

3. “Afternoons by yourself at your favourite bookstore: Visits to the bookstore were always meant to be a long affair. You head in, look through books, make your pick, read some titles in the comfort of a sofa while sipping some excellent tea. These are the joys that online websites will never be able to provide!”

4. “No waiting required: You don’t have to wait to get your hands on the books when buying them from a bookstore, nor do you have to pay extra if you want it by your side in a day, unlike online websites. We’ll rest our case.” Bravo Pouloma — write on!

* The Literati Bookstore quote and “Four Reasons” story were found on the wonderful site, Shelf Awareness.


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