So Blessed

“We are so blessed. Every day is a blessing.”
Connie du Hamel

Today, my friend and mentor Coach Mike Tully ( and I were pecking away at our computer keys at a friendly Dunkin’ Donuts in my hometown of Montclair. We’re having a blast working together on a totally fun and exciting book about what elite athletes can teach authors about boosting their performance on the page — stay tuned!

Just as I was leaving, I ran into Connie du Hamel, a former neighbor of mine. She’s in her 80s and amazing: She’s smart, active, curious, fun, and funny. She’s also a fabulous connector; she could have told Malcolm Gladwell a thing or two for The Tipping Point. As always, Connie asked about how my writing was going. We chatted a bit about books and then started talking about music and how lucky we are to be able to surround ourselves with beautiful music that gives us a lift.

Then Connie uttered her lovely words, “We are so blessed. Every day is a blessing.” How true! Walking home, I found myself thinking about this. As I ponder the many joys that flow from my writing life, I am filled with gratitude for them:

I am free to write: To live in a country where I am free to write without interference or censorship is to be fortunate indeed. Too often, I take for granted this enormous gift the universe has given me. I hope to always cherish and be worthy of it.

I am free to dream: After many years of writing nonfiction and crafting words as a marketing executive, I am now making my first foray into fiction. I feel excited every day about bringing the imaginary characters in my head to life and creating a world that kids can enjoy traveling to on the wings of words. What could be more fun?

I am surrounded by kindred spirits: What a gift it is to talk about books and ideas with wonderful writers and supporters! My beloved family, my masterful critique group, my talented friends in the Write Group, my cherished KWD community: My ever-growing tribe of fellow scribes is a constant source of inspiration and encouragement to me. Thank you all.

Wow. I could go on and on. How about you? When you think of your writing life, what makes you feel most grateful and blessed? It’s a wonderful question to ask yourself — and to answer. It will really give you a boost, just as penning this post gave me. Write on!


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I am a writer and this is a motivational blog designed to help both writers and aspiring writers to push to the next level. Key themes are peak performance, passion, overcoming writing roadblocks, juicing up your creativity, and the joys of writing.
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