Something Wonderful

I love this bookseller’s view of the special, magical role that bookstores play in our lives
and wanted to share it with you:

“Experience is a diverse desire that can be found in the hunt, in the reading, then the sharing; what bookshops and booksellers provide is not just the physical material for that, but the experiential context for it; we can be the process of experience…. Booksellers have reserves of knowledge and a sense of identity that is hard to replicate–we have built an experiential world, an environment of anticipation and reflection that is truly impressive.

”Bookshops make people happy, if we do it right. But to say books are happiness is wrong, because while happiness is the goal it is not the point, happiness comes through meaning, and meaning is found through shared and individual experience. The pathway to meaning (in our case) is the bookshop, the shelves packed with the beautifully expressed ideas and experiences of others, waiting to be shared, waiting to be found. We, as book places, as third spaces, act as an amanuensis to that end; if we don’t, we’re failing.”

New Zealand bookseller Marcus Greville in a piece headlined “Books as Experiences, not Things” for the Booksellers NZ blog


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